Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Step 1

To make this bracelet, start with a bracelet blank and Duda lampwork flower beads. Certainly you can use your own chain and clasp for this project as well.

Step 2

Choose your accent beads. I generally try to have a wide variety of sizes and shapes to start with… Time to dig into that stash!!

  • A. AB White star beads
  • B. Leaves
  • C. Gemstone rectangles
  • D. 6/0 seed beads
  • E. Swarovski crystals
  • F. 8/0 seed beads
  • G. Pressed glass flowers
  • H. Variety of 11/0 seed beads
  • I. 6/0 seed beads
  • J. Square pearls
  • K. Fire polished beads
Step 3

Here are the tools that I use to add the beads to the bracelet.

  • A. Pliers from Rio Grande
  • B. Signature tag (optional) available from Rio Grande
  • C. Daisy sterling spacers
  • D. 24g sterling silver wire dead soft
  • E. Swarovski Chaton headpins
  • F. 1″Ā sterling silver head pins
Step 4

Equally space your focal flowers or beads along the bracelet chain. I used star spacers and Swarovski chaton headpins to attach the focal lampwork beads for this bracelet.

Step 5

Here you can see that I have evenly spaced the focal beads and I have left enough chain at the end to work for the toggle clasp. I often add small seed beads to this end chain to completely embellish the bracelet…

Step 6

Next I begin to add the accent beads. Here I have added the leaves on the other side of each flower. Then I evenly added pearl beads between each lampwork focal. This is my general strategy in adding beads so that they pleasantly accent the lampwork and are nicely spaced along the chain. I continue to divide the empty space in half by adding new beads until the chain has one bead in each link.

Step 7

Here you can clearly see the space that I divided in two when I added the next bead. (NOTE – none of these divisions are exact, no one is going to count your links to check your spacing! Just have fun and make it pretty!)

Step 8

I just keep dividing the empty space and adding beads until it is full, then I go and add one more bead to each link, these are usually smaller beads to help add that lush quality that I like in my bracelets. I like one bead hanging off the chain on each side of the link. Certainly you can stop at any time! Sometimes less is more… but generally I think more is better! Ha! But of course there are no rules. šŸ˜€

Ta-dah! All done!

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