Fringe Bracelet

Beads You Need

You will need size 11/0 seed beads in as many colors as you would like to manage for the fringe, size 6/0 seed beads for the bracelet base, and some fun end beads large enough to help balance out the larger lampwork beads used in this design.

More Supplies

You will also need five of my button style flowers, bead cord (Softflex or something similiar), 22 or 24 gauge sterling silver wire, and 2mm crimp beads.


Crimp one end of the bead cord. Don’t know how to crimp? See my How to Use Crimp Beads page.

Extra Room

Evenly space the button flowers with size 6/0 seed beads leaving about 1/4″ at the end as the space will fill up with fringe. I usually make my fringe part of the braclelt 6 to 6-1/2 inches long. Don’t worry about the fit at this point in the project.

Before the Fringe

Here is the view of the fully strung piece before I begin to add the fringe. Notice there is extra space, it is not crimped tightly.

Adding Fringe… Lots of Knots

Now I begin to add the fringe. I tie a double overhand knot at the base of EACH fringe. (Just tie a normal not and instead of going through the loop once, go through it twice.) This protects the bracelet in case for some reason part of the string should break.

The Details

Add your seed bead pattern to the needle…

More Details

Go back through all your seed beads EXCEPT the one on the end, this last bead acts as an anchor to your fringe. I usually I pass through the bracelet twice so that there are at least 2 fringe strands coming out from in between each 6/0 seed bead on the base.


On each lampwork bead add a special V-style fringe to hang off your larger accent beads. Here I used some nice paddle shaped beads but leaves also work quite nicely against the flowers.

V-Fringe Close-up

Here is a detail of a flower bead with the V-style fringe added. It also helps to keep the lampwork flowers from spinning which can allow the back side of the bead to be displayed instead of the flower side.

Adding Length

After all the fringe has been added add about a 2 inche length of 22 gauge wire to each end. Here is where we string on the finishing beads to make it long enough.

A Few More Lampwork Beads

Usually I add 2-3 lampwork beads to each side to get my desired finished length. Notice the small delica beads, I add them so that they slide under the lampwork which makes for a better fit on the thin wire. This is a great trick when stringing lampwork beads with other smaller holed beads.

Lengthen Each Side

This photo shows I add an even number of beads to each side with the wire. Of course I am partial to adding lampwork beads, but you can use any style of bead that you like.


Wire wrap a loop on the other end of the added beads and add a lobster clasp, a little chain, and you are good to go!

Have fun! 😀 Remember to send me any pictures of your creations if you have a minute!


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