Earring update

Remember these? Well they were super light. Always a good thing in earrings… but not good for french hook earring findings! I knew I should swap them out for lever backs but I didn’t get around to it and of course… one got lost when I took my coat off at a restaurant. Deciding the glass was half full (’tis the season right?!) I decided to carefully take them apart and rework them into another pair from the one that I had left. I think that I love them just as much as the first pair! I can’t stop making these seed bead bezels so watch for more pics.

Rhinestone earrings

Okay… I love, love, LOVE these earrings! Can you tell I just want to use a peyote stitch bezel on everything? These earrings drop almost 2 inches and weigh nothing! You know what that means? Four inch earrings are on their way. 😉 Woohoo!

Rivoli necklace

Ummm… maybe you already knew how cool these rivoli beads are?! But I just found them and I’m in love! Okay, really I love all Swarovski beads, components, elements, rhinestones… you name it and I pretty much like it! But now that I’m bezel setting these rivoli’s with seed beads I’m certainly smitten with this design! I just love all the colors!

Jewelry is listed!

I just added some new items to the Mart. I am so addicted to bronzclay and I am finally turning out goodies to share. Yeah! There is definitely a learning curve but I’m getting the hang of it! I’m really enjoying playing around with something new. Anyway, hopefully some of the pieces will pique your interest. I know lots of you buy my beads to make your own jewelry but I thought as Christmas draws close maybe you’d like your own gift?! Anyway… I plan on having a few beads next week along with some more jewelry. Maybe even some rings… who knows. Okay, gotta go grab some dinner and get started on a night of chillin’ with the girlies. 😉

Another bronze clay ring

I’m on a roll. I made the top of this ring from bronzclay, soldered on the shank, and then silver plated the piece. I really love the textures that you can get with the clay but I didn’t want a green finger… hence the addition of silver. Okay, and DH and I really wanted to try silver plating. Although the video that came with our tools was a little scary. Apparently some types of gold plating involve cyanide which needs lots of special care. Don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon. I’m usually a “Let’s just try it!” kinda gal but with the plating I’ve been very methodical and followed all the directions carefully. Happily it has worked out pretty well.

Okay, off to the Coast for one last hoorah before school so no clay this weekend…

Duda necklace with bronze clay

You saw this coming right? Of course Dude wants his own necklace too. Won’t we be so cute?! 🙂 I love the bronzclay, but I’m more of a silver girl. So on this piece I added a fine layer of silver by plating the pendant and then of course I antiqued it a bit with liver of sulphur. I’m pretty happy with the results and I’ve got a few more ideas… Stay tuned!

Bronze clay Pendant

Here is another pendant that I made from bronzclay. Once again I set a cabochon that I made. This pendant is actually an earlier one that I forgot to photograph. I was messing around with using the small silver balls… which I love! And then I set the cz in and embeddable prong setting. I think it is kind of fun. Anyway, I’ve got sooo many ideas for this metal clay floating about in my head, and even tools to try but with the dreaded illness running amok in our house I have not been getting much done! However, I have high hopes for this weekend. DH is scampering off to San Francisco with the girls to visit family so I plan to play and experiment! Wish me luck!

Bronze clay ring

I am still having lots of fun playing with this bronzclay! I made this rather large ring which is quite fun to wear.

I am also having lots of fun making cabs to set in the clay. This ring uses a boro cab that I made which has a nice golden sparkle to match the bronze.

Nice soft focus on my wrinkled hands don’t ya’ think?!

For my next project I think I’ll make a crazy “brass knuckles” style ring… what do you think?! Ha! 🙂

Bronze Clay

I’ve just found time to play with some bronzclay. It is pretty cool stuff! I’m pretty happy that I got it to work right out of the package and it fired in my kiln without incident! Yeah! Now that I’ve made this test piece I need to get busy because I’ve got a few more fun ideas that I’d like to make. Stay tuned… 🙂