Real whale today.


Today I saw a whale just splashing for fun right outside our room. First the tail is up…


then a splash.


Up again…


another splash.





It was pretty cool. The whale just kept splashing about. Apparently at the beach where the kids and Dude went the whales were breaching. Oh well, a whale playing right outside my room is pretty nice too.

Whale ahoy


I saw an awesome whale jumping about when I went on a little walk tonight. Unfortunately I only had my crappy phone to take the pic. 🙁 So I didn’t even bother, I just came home and made up this photo… Heehee… Could you tell it was a fake?! My kids didn’t even see the black blob that I drew in the middle of the ocean as my faux whale so maybe you didn’t either? ((What else would that black blob be after I title the post “whales ahoy?!”)) After taking these I’m now spoiled. My long lens on my good camera does such a nice job. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember it when I head out. 😉

The cruise was a success!


Last night on the sunset “cruise” we saw many whales. I really wanted one to jump up right next to us… but you can’t be greedy I guess! 🙂 It was pretty amazing.

Lazy whales this morning.


No jumping…


just whales splashing their tales about.


We are going on a sunset “cruise” tonight… assuming the flood warnings don’t materialize we might see some really close up. 🙂

Energetic whale


This whale jumped so many times that I was able to catch him on my phone! I wish I had my other camera… maybe tomorrow. I have never seen so many breaching whales, in fact I’d never seen one before this week and so far I think I’ve seen like five! Sunday I was calling them all lazy because no one was jumping and now they are jumpin’ left and right! Yeah for energetic whales. 🙂

Whale pics.

I found a few whales! I also found the setting on my camera where I just hold the shutter button down and it takes picture after picture so I got the play by play of each whale swimming up and then down. Yes… I know, I’m a little outa’ control but what can I say? I get so excited when I see them. 🙂