Hangin’ out in Santa Cruz


I left my peeps in Oregon to drive down and see my California family. Here I am with mom and my baby bro…


Here is my bro, my mom, his girlfriend, and my niece. We all went out for a very nice dinner.


Oh… and don’t forget my bro’s favorite cat… 🙂

Visiting Mom


I drove down to see my mom for a few days. It was great to see her. The house was so quiet… coming home to my loud house a chaos was a bit of an adjustment!


Squid hat revisited


Last year they got squid hats and apparently this year my oldest needed another one. Hmmmm…

Boardwalk 2013


She is so brave to ride solo!


Okay… she is brave to ride at all… looking at these rides makes me queasy!


Thanks for the bright yellow socks Ms. K! We can tell which rider is you. 🙂


Heading South


Driving past Mt. Shasta… Leaving the family to do it alone while I take a mini trip to Watsonville to see my mom.

Last Stop

Part of me really wants to get home… but I’m kinda sad the adventure is ending… Happily I know we’ll have others! 🙂

Boardwalk 2012

My youngest loves the rides!

The girls played lots of games, this year they won squid hats and a slinky… I don’t even want to calculate the actual costs of their “prizes.”

I think even Grandma had a nice day.

What is up with these pants?

I’m visiting my mom so of course she is getting out all my old stuff that she wants me to take home… We Found some of my high school basketball gear and she swears these are my basketball pants but that can’t be true can it? They are ridiculous! But it all still fits! Yeah! 🙂