Brave was delightful

I’m glad we went early before we really knew what it was about… I only knew it was Irish and her hair was amazing! It was a great family outing for a rainy Saturday. 🙂

Now everyone can wear earrings!

Two years later and my oldest finally got her ears pierced. Do you think it was because of the cool earrings I whipped up after going to the gem faire? Hmmmm… could be! 🙂 Remember when I used to share pics of my jewelry? Guess I better start doing that again…

Moving videos

Yep… I’m doing it! I’m moving all my Hi8 video to my computer. It is rather cute to watch all the old clips and no worries, I won’t go too crazy sharing. This one just seemed necessary because as my oldest becomes a teenager I need to remember that she did have her cute moments! 🙂

Coast video

Can you believe that I made this video on my phone? Crazy! Want a great video editing app for your iPhone? I highly recommend Splice. It is much more intuitive than iMovie and i love how easy it is to edit the audio.

Sunriver animation

What can I say… I’m still playing around with my new toy… and I already miss Sunriver! Sigh… But I’m back on track and I’ll have beads on Tuesday. Check back or sign up for my mailing list if you need a little reminder. 🙂

Women’s History Play

Agh…. I’m up way too late messing with video! But I did whip up the highlights from my daughters school play last night. Watch out… tomorrow is the piano recital and I think I have finally figured out my new video editing software. There are just too many format choices… I’m so confused. 🙂