She’s so cute!

My youngest decided to share her love of all things cross-stitch on youtube. Give her a thumbs up! 🙂

Make your own nail decals.

What?! How did I not know about this?! My new interest in nail art might be more of a time sink than I expected! 😮

Brave was delightful

I’m glad we went early before we really knew what it was about… I only knew it was Irish and her hair was amazing! It was a great family outing for a rainy Saturday. 🙂

Now everyone can wear earrings!

Two years later and my oldest finally got her ears pierced. Do you think it was because of the cool earrings I whipped up after going to the gem faire? Hmmmm… could be! 🙂 Remember when I used to share pics of my jewelry? Guess I better start doing that again…

More singing…

They were so cute in 2004 I just thought I’d show how cute they are singing in 2011! 😉

Moving videos

Yep… I’m doing it! I’m moving all my Hi8 video to my computer. It is rather cute to watch all the old clips and no worries, I won’t go too crazy sharing. This one just seemed necessary because as my oldest becomes a teenager I need to remember that she did have her cute moments! 🙂