Vancouver Aquarium


Everyone loves jellyfish!


This dolphin was sooooo cute! I coulda stood there all day and watched him swim about!


I love Granville Island.


I love Granville Island. This box holds the best little cheesecakes! I got enough for desert for two nights. YUM! The only downside of the island is you have to take the water taxi to get the there and is is a little slow

The only guy swimming.


If there is water, dude will swim, even if he is the only one. Why is he the only one here? Because the water is cold!

Vancouver 2013


Another trip to Vancouver since we had such a great time last year… This time we brought the girls! 🙂

I hate traffic

Traffic in Seattle…

and traffic in Portland. There was lots of other random traffic that I won’t bore you with… but 9-1/2 hours later (shoulda been more like 7) we made it home. Oh how I love the lack of traffic in Eugene!

Sutton Place Hotel… farewell

That’s me… fourth window in from the right. We stayed at the Sutton Place Hotel on the 21st floor. It was a nice hotel… What we didn’t like was the cost of parking, $40 a night! (Yes, we looked for other overnight parking and couldn’t find any.) And the cost of internet, $15 A DAY per device! Ouch. So in case you are wondering why these updates are late… we didn’t pay for the wi-fi and the Starbucks across the street had 8kbps… worse than a modem. (Yes… Dan looked that info up and told me, I’m not quite that techie!) Happily we were on vacation though so none of this bothered us too much. We walked all over and had a very relaxing week!

Granville Market… again

What can I say… I loved this market so we went back for lunch. Dude of course took another quick jump in the bay. You can see there is a slide on the pier… he asked the lifeguard “Why isn’t it open” and apparently they are waiting for Cheese Day… whatever that means?!