Meco Midget Torch

So I ordered a new soldering torch… the torch I was using started shooting flames out the back and I decided that was bad. After reading a few articles I chose to purchase the Meco Midget. (What a name… I know…) I got the torch on Monday and it has been a busy week for me, orders, kids, teacher conferences, you know the drill, so I wasn’t able to light up my new gadget until today. I was excited though, this torch was gonna pack a punch and I was ready for that! So I get it all set up and I turn on the propane, check, turn on the oxy… nothing. 🙁 What?! I check the hose, oxy there… so I unscrew a few parts to the torch and oxygen was nowhere to be found. Sigh… This is where I had to bring in the big guns… Dude of course! So Mr. Mechanical Engineer starts to disassemble the torch and I walk away. Over the years we have found that we work best together while apart. After he has the torch in pieces it becomes apparent that some tiny mesh screen inside the torch has corroded and is blocking the flow of oxygen. After I clean the screen… Dude puts it all back together and ta-dah… I have a flame. Woohoo! My hero! 😉 I have no idea how long that torch was sitting around in the warehouse… hopefully with its new cleaning it will work like a charm.

FlameOff starts tomorrow.

The Eugene Glass School is having their annual FlameOff this weekend so if you are out and about you might want to stop by. I don’t think I’ll be there until Saturday… I *hope* I’ll be getting my new oxy machine out there though… they told me they were bringing it so keep your fingers crossed!! 😀

Ahhhhhhhh… Success!

You know… sometimes I wonder, will lampworking ever become as popular as say quilting? Will there will be a glass store on every corner and everyone will be doing it? (‘Cause in my world of course it seems like everyone is doing it, but then I’m IN the glass world… heehee) However, I sort of doubt this will happen because I am reminded with my new torch purchase, what a BIG OL’ PAIN IN THE ARSE it is to get it all setup and how little help I got from the locals (who sold me 3/8″hose when I needed 1/4″hose…) I guess that I kind of make it hard because I install flashback arrestors on my torches. I know… I don’t really need them, but hey, the thought of flames shooting down my hoses and exploding my tanks… EEK! I don’t want that under any odds!! But finding all the pieces to make it happen, holy smokes! After many trips to the outskirts of town (do they ever put welding supply shops in town?) where guys think I’m nuts and wonder just what am I setting up, I think that I’ve finally got it all working! So now I’m finally off to play, hope your day is going great!!

Too early?

Do you think I’m letting her start too early… heehee… 😀 Have no fear, the photo was basically staged, but she does BEG me to let her make beads. Working on a surprise for later tonight…