One False Move

One False Move, #71 on the list, was quite enjoyable. This was exactly the movie I was hoping to find on this list. It was an older well made action picture that I don’t think I would have found otherwise. I’m hoping that there are others like One False Move, but unfortunately I see a trend in many of the movies that are left. What is the trend? NINJA! What the heck?! I’ve only got so many ninja movies in me and this list has more than I am prepared to watch. Oh well… I’ll just cherry pick what I want to see. 😉

Three Kings

Three kings, #84 of the top 100, was great. I’d seen it before, but I think I liked it even better this time because more of the political stuff made sense to me.

Midnight Run

Continuing on my quest of watching these movies, today I watched Midnight Run and it was meh. It was too slow for me, I couldn’t even sit still to watch it in one sitting…

13 Assassins

Today Dude and I wathced 13 Assassins. It is a movie I would have NEVER watched if I wasn’t following this list. Unless you love Samurai movies, and I mean love, I probably wounldn’t suggest that you watch it. It was well done, epic, and full of fighting, but a little crazy. 🙂

Uh and not to mention I didn’t sew anything while I watched it because it has subtitles. Sigh…

Top 100 Action & Adventure Movies

So some guy on my favorite podcast was watching a movie a day for 2015. I needed some sort of entertainment while I sew all these hexies by hand so after hearing his crazy quest I decided to do something more manageable. I’m going to watch the Top 100 Action & Adventure Movies according to Rotton Tomatoes. I was just going to watch the top 100 movies but look at that list! In the top ten there are so many movies from before 1950. Can those really be that awesome? JK! But they didn’t seem like my cup of tea. (Thanks Trish for pointing this out. 🙂 )

So to start I watched In the Line of Fire. It was great. I loved seeing all the old electronics, and of course who doesn’t love Clint Eastwood.

Just in case you are wondering how I am picking my movies, I am starting by what is free! 😀