Day of Dr. Who

It looks like my girls are having a Dr. Who day… They stream if off of Netflix which we are dumping. We accidentally made two accounts and so we were billed twice for like five months and they wouldn’t refund us! They stink! They told us the only way to get a refund through them is to contest it through our credit card. We are doing that but clearly it was an error and they should fix it. Oh well, they are out and Amazon Instant Video is in! We love Amazon. Okay off to a day of paying tribute to our veterans by playing a little WOT! Heehee… 🙂

Are you watching Planet Earth?

Have you seen Planet Earth yet? My kids love it! I have to admit that it is pretty amazing, especially if you have HDTV. We are slowly getting back into the routine, it has been a little rough I must admit. If I could figure out how to move all my friends to Maui with me I think I might try to make it happen! 😀

I'm so happy Jeffrey won!

Is it sad to actually clap (at home alone) when they announced he won? Project Runway is my favorite show and this year was great! Acutally, today has been a great day… coffee with my friends, found a cute new shirt that actually fit, and now the guy I liked won… Hope you hare having a great day too! 😀