Sunriver for the holiday weekend.


We went to Sunriver over the weekend and of course there was hiking. We went to Todd Lake to walk around. Dude got in the freezing water… what else is new?


It was beatiful and there were tiny frogs were everywhere! The girls thought that was awesome.


It was an easy hike (my favorite kind) and a great way to get out of the house and away from too much slacking. It was vacation though… so no guilt. 🙂 Now everyone heads off to school… sigh… we have had a great summer and I’m sad that it is over.

Sunriver recap… 2012

There was time in the hot tub…

…one horse adventure…

…then another.

There were yummy chocolate chip pancakes with the daily question of sausage or bacon as a side…

…and of course there was way too much time spent playing LOL… with parental supervision of course! Not recommended for the faint of heart. I’m still getting used to ignoring all the morons who trash talk…

Farewell Sunriver 2011

Where does the time go? It was another great trip… the girls are growing up and who knows how many more of these trips we’ll get. Hopefully many! It is a marker though, another year has blown by…

Another rough day

This pic pretty much sums up the week… okay throw in a few bike rides, some swimming, and the occassional walk, I do crack the whip a little. 🙂 But we have spent lots of time hanging out with our laptops or iPods, oh and watching Doctor Who on Netflix, the girls have decided that they love it. I’m the only one who has gone old school and spent time knitting.

Volcano hike

Everyone was in a great mood after laying about for a few days and we had a very nice hike! Woohoo!

Woohoo! Family trip!

We got off to a bit of a slow start since we had to stop at the locksmith on our way out of town. Apparently no one could remember the combination to this bike lock. Ooops!

Bit of biking…

Of course one of my favorite parts of Sunriver is all the great bike paths. Today we drug the girls out before noon and they were not too pleased, but they rode about with us.

Day-glo golf

Tonight we went to play minature golf… It was a little rinky dink but always a nice family event.