I got to organizing my sewing room and yep, you guessed it… here I am tidying up my fabric again. I know I could just stop but I’ve made such a mess that I can’t stand it… Hopefully I’ll be done soon and back to actual sewing.

New sewing table.


I’ve decided to deck out my sewing space. I got this new sewing table. Can you believe the girls and I moved it by ourselves? Pretty amazing I think… and only two out of the three of us got injured. 🙂 Right now having my sewing space in order seems to relax me. I love going out there and feelling like it looks nice and everything is in its place. I’m not convinced that this is a good thing… but that’s where I’m at…

Lucky me


I’m feeling pretty darn lucky! I never thought I’d own a new Bernina but here it is, my new 750. Someone pinch me because I can’t believe it’s mine! I even have a few of the bells and whistles figured out. The interface seemed user friendly when I was looking at it, but I’m happy that I can make it work now that I have it home. It is also very well lit, you can see my Ikea light in the background is no longer necessary because of the 30 (yes… 30) LED lights on this machine. Oh and the dual-feed, it is pretty amazing. I’m actually excited to try and quilt my next quilt instead of dreading it. Woot! Okay, I’m just gonna sit here and pet her a little bit longer… 😉

Tidy up all the bins.


Doesn’t this fabric iritate you? So messy right?! I don’t know what got me started but I felt the need to tidy up some of the fabric in my stash.


Sigh… much better righ?!

Everyone is moved in.


This is the original bedroom causing all the strife. I spent all week moving my sewing room to our finished garage so my girls could have their own rooms. Now only my youngest sleeps in this room. It is painted blue because it used to have a saltwater aquarium in it. I’m pretty sure I see pink paint in my future.


My oldest has made her new room all cozy… and tidy! What?! Lets see how long it lasts…


The other half of the bedreoom. There are a few things I still need to deal with. Yikes. Could this room be any larger?! My kids now have the two largest bedrooms… maybe that will make-up for having to share all those years, although I think the sharing was good for them!


Tah-dah! My sewing shack…


And glass storage…


It is colder out here than it was in the attic. At least in the summer I won’t be melting. My poor daughter, oh well, she’s young!

I’m very happy that the whole process is almost done, what an ordeal… It was worth it though, I think that it will make my oldest happy to have her own space. My living room was so quiet this weekend because they were enjoying their private rooms, it was certainly different. I actually got the enjoy the living room again, but it still needs paint… oh the joys of owning a home… 🙂

Still moving crap


I just moved this… down the crazy blue stairs below! Oh and then I did move it down the stairs it is sitting next to, but of course those are cake compared to the others. I’m not sure the pictures shows it but that hallway with the blue stairs is super narrow! I’ve gotten a few things stuck this week… But I’m just happy I got my sewing cabinet down safely for it and for me. As you can imagine it is made out of fake wood and a tad bit heavy. {You might ask why didn’t I wait for help, well with moving stuff in my house sometimes no help is the best help.}


Those are my fitbit steps from some day this week. I have been going up and down stairs quite a bit. The fitbit only calculates going up a flight of stairs, it doesn’t count going down as another flight, only as steps. I have gone up and down many stairs in our house 94 times in one day… and I somehow only get 1 active minute?! What?! Oh well… given the amount of sorbet that I’ve been eating to reward my moving efforts this week I’m pretty sure that I’ve been active enough. 😉

Stairs and more stairs


I’m still moving stuff… Agh! I’ll never buy fabric again! Yeah right, I know… but today I want less crap! Really overall I want less crap, I better sew up some of my supplies. Anyway aside from my crap I wanted to whine about how each trip to the attic to get said crap requires walking up 38 stairs! I’m getting in a workout without leaving my house. 🙂 Ok… must… keep… moving.

What we do for our kids.


My awesome glass shop has to get packed up. My girls have done a great job of sharing a room for 12 years but apparently the day has arrived for me to give up my attic sewing room so they can have their own bedrooms. ((Yes, I had a shop and a sewing room… The attic used to scare them, I wasn’t gonna let it go to waste!))


Making progress… Sigh… It’s a bit sad to see all my glass stuff put away but I haven’t touched it in over three years so packed up it gets. Fun with my family is just too time consuming right now and I’m glad I can enjoy it. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!!

Well yesterday we started the project of making a ramp into my shop so I can easily move tanks about. Of course our youngest was a great help! (Notice her fashionable shoes for construction! :D) Anyway, hooray, that is done! Now off for a Father’s Day jaunt. I hope my Dad had a WONDERFUL day! (Pssst… Mom pass that along since I know only you read this… heehee!)