Meco Midget Torch

So I ordered a new soldering torch… the torch I was using started shooting flames out the back and I decided that was bad. After reading a few articles I chose to purchase the Meco Midget. (What a name… I know…) I got the torch on Monday and it has been a busy week for me, orders, kids, teacher conferences, you know the drill, so I wasn’t able to light up my new gadget until today. I was excited though, this torch was gonna pack a punch and I was ready for that! So I get it all set up and I turn on the propane, check, turn on the oxy… nothing. 🙁 What?! I check the hose, oxy there… so I unscrew a few parts to the torch and oxygen was nowhere to be found. Sigh… This is where I had to bring in the big guns… Dude of course! So Mr. Mechanical Engineer starts to disassemble the torch and I walk away. Over the years we have found that we work best together while apart. After he has the torch in pieces it becomes apparent that some tiny mesh screen inside the torch has corroded and is blocking the flow of oxygen. After I clean the screen… Dude puts it all back together and ta-dah… I have a flame. Woohoo! My hero! 😉 I have no idea how long that torch was sitting around in the warehouse… hopefully with its new cleaning it will work like a charm.

Bronze clay ring

I am still having lots of fun playing with this bronzclay! I made this rather large ring which is quite fun to wear.

I am also having lots of fun making cabs to set in the clay. This ring uses a boro cab that I made which has a nice golden sparkle to match the bronze.

Nice soft focus on my wrinkled hands don’t ya’ think?!

For my next project I think I’ll make a crazy “brass knuckles” style ring… what do you think?! Ha! 🙂

Silver stuff.

Here are a few pieces of silver that I have been working on. I’m finally feeling brave about soldering which is very exciting! Hopefully I’ll be making myself some pretty pieces here soon. I’m happy with the ring in this photo. I’ve been reading about bezel setting (because of course I’m teaching myself all of this… no time for a class unfortunately…) and I think my bezel strip is too thick so I’ve got more on order and hopefully it will work a little better. Anyway, I’m just having lots of fun playing. 😀

Silver heart.

I’m still playing with silver and having lots of fun! I have at least three items “in progress” which I need to finish, um probably more if I really looked at everything on my messy table… heehee… This pendant is one of the unfinished items. The silver heart is kind of large, like 42mm by 52mm but of course I think that jewelry should make a statement and not go unnoticed… 🙂 I need to string it into a necklace and I’ll try to have another photo when I get that done. Jewelry is just too much fun!

Solder saga…

I’m still having fun playing with the whole idea of soldering. Here are some pics of my latest accomplishment. I kinda like ’em. Anyway, not much else to report today. Lots of beads here for the Mart, just stockin’ up. 😀 I might have a new auction tomorrow, I made some more organic style beads in GREEN! I’m not much of a green gal but I do love these… we’ll have to see how the day goes. Alrighty, hope that you had a great day!!

Still truckin’…

Here are some of my latest silver pieces. I think they are fun and I am always just so happy when I actually get the solder to behave!!! I am also having lots of fun making “surprise beads”… they are a surprise to me because I never know what they really will look like out of the kiln. Each one is like a little experiment to see just what happens when I add all the ingredients! 😀 The only trouble comes about when I love a bead and I can’t remember what I did! HA! Anyway, I hope you are having a great week. We have about two weeks before school starts here so we are a bit busy with last minute summer fun it seems… but it is all good. I am HOPING to finally load the Mart with some flowers next week, stay tuned…