Berry Colorful

I made these socks with Berry Colorful Yarnings in the Bourbon Barrel colorway. I love the yarn, so smooth and the striping is great! Don’t look too closely at my heels… 😯

Sport weight… oops.

I thought this was fingering weight and halfway through I read the yarn and its sport weight. EEK. They don’t fit so great so I’ve gifted them to my child who has a foot that is a bit smaller than mine. I’m still happy I finished them. Apparently socks take me about two weeks to knit while watching TV at night. 🙂 I’m going to try a top down pair with a regular heel next. Just want to mix it up a bit!

New year… of socks?

I just made these socks and the pattern was soooo easy! Thanks Craftsy. Now I want to knit socks all the time and buy more pretty sock yarn. I’m not making any grand statements like I’ll knit a pair each week this year… but that thought is floating about in my mind. I’m just gonna enjoy the zen of sock knitting and warm feet while I’m in the groove. 🙂

Better sock pics

These socks took forever to make so I decided I should post at least one good pic. Of course I got a little carried away. 🙂 I did say I’ve been playing with new apps and of course I found a few new photo apps…

Cabled Socks

I can’t believe I made these… they look awesome… but they took forever!

Socks with cables

Once again I’m knitting for camp and this project required cables. Of course I had a few books with crazy cable patterns for socks so I jumped in and started these…. Yeah! Want all the knitty details? Click here. 🙂

Casbah Socks

I made these socks out of squooshy Casbah sock yarn. 10% cashmere… oh la la! They are super comfy…

Yes… I spent way too much time taking pictures of my socks… 🙂

Mom socks.

I made my mom these socks for mother’s day. She opened them yesterday and they even fit! Yeah! Now she just has to tell me if she thinks that they are comfy… because I know people (well okay I didn’t know, but I’m finding out) can have issues with socks. Hopefully she likes wearing them so I can make more for her. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

Heart Socks

Woohoo! I just finished my first two-colored sock! 😀