Ugh… more snow. 

Everyone is happy about it except me. Maybe after some coffee I’ll feel better about it. Sigh. 

I hate freezing rain.

Starting day two of no power is certainly no fun. 🙁 My poor Christmas decorations…

Snow and school


It snowed and… there is still school! OMG! The girls were very upset over this state of affairs… and then they had to walk an extra three blocks to a different bus stop because the buses are running on snow routes. They are certainly troopers, in my day we never had is so rough. {Yes, read with heavy sarcasm… I grew up North of Chicago!} Anyway, they made it and I was off to sew…


BRRRRR! Guess I better bundle up myself since I’m too cheap to run the electric heater in my attic. 😉

Sledding of course


Family sledding is always fun…


even in the freezing cold…


but dude, watch out… don’t go in the street!

Still snowing


This is some crazy snow! Guess I better go close the umbrella before it breaks…

Everyone loves snow…


Everyone loves snow… on a day when there was already no school! Hopefully it will keep everyone busy…

Snow day #2… sledding

Another snow day! Roads seem clear but snow is still on the ground so of course there is no school. Not that we mind… sledding is always fun!