Snow and school


It snowed and… there is still school! OMG! The girls were very upset over this state of affairs… and then they had to walk an extra three blocks to a different bus stop because the buses are running on snow routes. They are certainly troopers, in my day we never had is so rough. {Yes, read with heavy sarcasm… I grew up North of Chicago!} Anyway, they made it and I was off to sew…


BRRRRR! Guess I better bundle up myself since I’m too cheap to run the electric heater in my attic. 😉

Blizzard… 2012

Five inches!! This is pretty crazy snow for us anytime… let alone in late March! Oh well… no school! Yeah! Now the next big decision… should we play SWTOR or DD?! 🙂

Blizzard of 2011

School was canceled before there even was any snow! Sheesh! Happily we got a bit of the white stuff to keep the girls busy…

They found the snow!

Dude took #2 up to go tubing yesterday. We used to go up as a family but my oldest refused the last time that we begged her to try tubing. Now she and I lounge on the couch while Dude trudges two hours in crappy weather to go sledding with my youngest. The price you pay for some good snow around here… but worth it I’m sure! They had a great time and really #1 and I had a fine day of lounging on the couch and watching movies. It all worked out.

It snowed

It snowed which means there is no school. I know… if you live where it often snows you are laughing at the amount we got. I grew up in Illinois so this barely seems like snow, but in Oregon this could be all we get for the year. My girls are wise and get out and in it early! Waking me up at 6am to tell me is snowed might have been unwise… Oh well. Hopefully they will crash soon from the excitement of it all and the relaxing can begin.

Oh… and don’t forget to check out the sale I’m having at the Mart. 😀