Woven shoes rule.


So I got these super cute shoes at DSW the other day… Actually mine are in this colorway –


I got them to be taller than my girls who are getting too tall! Don’t get me wrong, I love that my girls are tall, but I gotta try to keep up when I can. 🙂 Even though I got these shoes to sort of tease them, it turns out that they are super comfy! They might even be the most comfortable shoes that I have ever bought. Who woulda thought?! Height and comfort together… woot! Oh and when I put the shoes on my girls did this…


They won the moment but I will tower above them when we walk about… heehee!

Purple Uggs

Okay… I take it back… now I am ready for the end of summer! Bring on the cold! 🙂

Why I love DSW!

I got nice shoes for $1! Woohoo! I even used an expired coupon! I love DSW. My coupon was good through Feb. 14th and after chatting with the clerk I sort of whined about how I forgot to get in the store in time to use my coupon and she was like whip it out… we can still use it. Sweet! I just love that store. Of course I want to go back and get those flip-flops decorated with swarovski crystals. I just knew it was less fun to buy flip-flops in February because I can’t wear them until July. I am taking a trip in March though… hmmm…. 😉

Shoe color?

Which color of keds should I get for Spring?! I’m thinking that the turquoise pair is too cute!

Okay, off to make some Spring beads!

Happy birthday to me!

So yesterday I decided to zip by the mall… just to see if I could find anything to spend my birthday money on. (Thanks mom!) I found these awesome shoes! The best part is that they actually fit! Woohoo! Yes, I have big feet. I’m 5’10” and my feet chime in at a whopping 10 wide or an 11, sizes which are often not in stock… at least not in the cool shoes! So when I tried on these sneakers in a 10 I was skeptical, but hey they look wide so I might be able to cram my ten toes in and yippee! I didn’t even have to cram. 🙂 Shoes are always a mood lifter!

Am I getting old?

So lately my exercise has been walking my girls about 10 blocks to school in the morning and in the afternoon. In the morning I usually take a long detour home up some big hills, etc., in an effort to make it better exercise. I love doing this. I listen to my podcasts, usually This American Life which I LOVE! (Really… give it a try!) The only downside is that I have to resign myself to wearing only tennis shoes if I am going to walk this much. So I’ve been wearing my cute Converse low-tops and all is well… Recently, however, I have had to drive the girls to school so I though “Yeah! I can wear some of my other fun shoes.” Except now they are not comfortable at all! Who designed these shoes? Am I just getting old if I say I only like to wear tennis shoes now? Sigh… I think maybe I am. 🙂 Oh well, thank goodness for Zappos so I can at least find some fun and fashionable sneakers for my big ol’ feet! I do love the crazy Converse styles and look I just snapped up these Puma’s. I ordered them yesterday at 5:30pm and they are already out for delivery today! Woohoo!

Does everyone else think about shoes as much as me? Probably not… heehee…


My youngest went crazy with the scissors! 🙁 sniff sniff… I’m not sure that I will be able to keep wearing the shoes because the newly adjusted shoe feels looser than the other and it reminds me of the offense, but perhaps I should keep the reminder so I never leave the scissors down again! 😀 Oh the joys of children…

New shoes

Yesterday my kids and I went out and about for a bit and I found these shoes that I just think are soooooo cute! Especially in dreary Oregon! I always love to get fun shoes to perk up my otherwise boring jeans and t-shirt attire. (Won’t they look great with my zebra coat? Heehee…) I am so happy that Dansko is getting a bit more fun in some of their designs!! They are the most comfortable shoes out there! It was hard to decide between lilac, blue, green, or coral! But somehow I managed… Anyway, got lots to do this afternoon! I meant to list a bracelet this morning but now it looks like it will be tonight. Hope you are having a great day!!

Woohoo! New shoes!

I just got some cute new shoes in size 11 for my monster feet! Yipee!! Okay, I am 5’10” so my feet don’t look too big on me, but do you know how hard it is to find CUTE shoes in size 11? VERY! So I’m doin’ my happy dance. Heehee… I also looked online and I was amazed at how many shoes actually are available in size 11. Granted, shopping for shoes is a bit dicey without trying them on, but if I try on a 10 in a store I can get an idea and order it in an 11. 😀 It is the little things in life that are good! Hope you are having a great day!