Ergonomic cutting table hack


I was salivating over furniture on pinterest and I was all set to try to make something fancy… but if you want it to be 40″ tall there are not a lot of ready made choices! So I guess when the weather warms up Dude is gonna have to make me something spiffy from scratch, until then I must admit that my zip ties and crates kind of works great. Now… how can I make my ironing board taller…

Pssst… as a bonus, I bought those crates when we first moved to Oregon in 1992! Such value! Oh and do you see that cute monkey near the ceiling? I made him in my eighth grade home-ec class. Remember home-economics and shop class? I made an awesome hammer in shop class that is in my sewing room too, better get a pic of that as well. 🙂

I can’t stop making purses!

I just love all the fabrics at my local quilt shop. I keep finding prints that inspire me which means I have to do something with them… namely… make purses! Not to mention I am in love with adding zippers everywhere. I used to be afraid of zippers but not now. In this latest hobo purse I put in three zippers and a pocket. After it was done I wished that the pocket was just another zipper. Ha!

On a glass note, you might be happy to know that DH got the WiFi working in my shop. (Can you believe I was living without it? No web access was certainly a bummer. It makes me so happy that he got it to work… he is so smart!) I should be out making beads again any day now. Alas… I guess I’ll have to take a short purse break. 🙂

Pincushions galore

So I’m making a quilt. I know… get in line behind my family when you ask “Do you have the time?!” Of course I don’t! But I want to make it and I’ve twisted my friend’s arm to do it with me. (Yeah Heather!) Anyway, of course while making said quilt I realized that I don’t have any pincushions. Not one! 😯 It’s a pincushion emergency! So I decide that I should look online to see what pincushion people are making these days and I find this super cute pattern. It is quite simple, sew two circles together and then add a cute button in the center… hmmm… button… don’t I have a few of those laying around? Better yet a bead, namely one of my beads! 🙂

So if you want to whip up a quick gift this holiday season, I suggest these pin cushions with some of my flower beads. Just sayin’… 😀

Oh and on this one I got fancy… I added a band between the two circles and cross-stithed a few x’s on the edge. Cute right?!

Late nite sewing

I took a little time to sew myself a purse…

and of course my girls had to get into the action! They begged me to let them stay up late to finish their stuffed animals so that they could sleep with them. What could I say, of course I let them. 🙂