Turtle time

We did it! We got up and snorkeled with the turtles. We saw at least six if not more. Turtles rule!

Turtles and more turtles!

It is a long trip and the time change sorta wipes us out… but it is so very gorgeous here on Maui. We haven’t even had to snorkel to see the marine life! It is pretty cool to sit at your balcony and watch the turtles swim about! Not to mention the palm trees and the flowers. Ahhh…. I’m just not sure what to do next, lay in the sun or nap… 🙂

Turtles everywhere!

Remember our last trip? Well after killing two underwater video cameras… only one of which I take the blame for… I don’t think that I’m going to have any video to share for this trip! 🙁 But the awesome zoom on my camera can snap a picture as the sea-turtles rise to the surface to breath. We swam with them yesterday and today, all in all we saw 3-4 on each outing. It is pretty amazing, not to mention that off in the distance we keep seeing whales pop up and spouting, and generally doing their whale thing. Very cool!

Honolua Bay

Another turtle sighting… really, it just doesn’t get old! 🙂

Daily dose of turtles.

So far we have seen turtles two days in a row! Today we must have seen 7-8 just swimming around in this little cove near our hotel… it was pretty sweet! 🙂 Gotta run… my papaya is about to be snagged! Heehee…

Our first turtle sighting.

Watch out! I’m going a little crazy with my flip camera now that I can take it underwater. 🙂 Check back tomorrow to see if we see more turtles! The kids are amazing, they just jumped right in and started to snorkel. What an experience for them!