tiny silver heart ring

Just as I suspected! Fine silver rings are much easier to make than bronze rings. It just costs double (or more) which means I have to plan out my design better so that I love every piece I make. This was my trial piece. I did not spend tons of time on it since I wasn’t sure how it would fire but happily it worked great. Now I’m off to plan the next ring… woohoo!

Bronze stackers

Okay, after much trial and error I have decided that bronze rings are hard to make. The clay shrinks so much during the building process that it is hard to let rings dry and attach properly before they go into the kiln. At least for me… right now… I’m of course still thinking about how to make it work. 🙂 I did manage to make these cute stackers out of bronze.

Pin cushion ring

pin cushion ring

I was jabbing pins into my fleece jacket while I was sewing and I thought hmmm, this probably isn’t a good idea. So of course I whipped up this huge ring for my pins. The best part… I just had all the tools lying about to make it! I do like sewing with it.

Another bronze clay ring

I’m on a roll. I made the top of this ring from bronzclay, soldered on the shank, and then silver plated the piece. I really love the textures that you can get with the clay but I didn’t want a green finger… hence the addition of silver. Okay, and DH and I really wanted to try silver plating. Although the video that came with our tools was a little scary. Apparently some types of gold plating involve cyanide which needs lots of special care. Don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon. I’m usually a “Let’s just try it!” kinda gal but with the plating I’ve been very methodical and followed all the directions carefully. Happily it has worked out pretty well.

Okay, off to the Coast for one last hoorah before school so no clay this weekend…

Bronze clay ring

I am still having lots of fun playing with this bronzclay! I made this rather large ring which is quite fun to wear.

I am also having lots of fun making cabs to set in the clay. This ring uses a boro cab that I made which has a nice golden sparkle to match the bronze.

Nice soft focus on my wrinkled hands don’t ya’ think?!

For my next project I think I’ll make a crazy “brass knuckles” style ring… what do you think?! Ha! 🙂

YOJ – Wire Wrapped Ring

Can you say “wire wrapped ring” ten times fast! 🙂 This is the ring that I made at the bead festival. I have to say I like it quite a bit. It is very comfy to wear and it went together rather quickly. I have a few more beads that I have ready to wrap… I better get busy I guess…

YOJ – Flower Ring

This was not entirely my idea, someone wanted to make a ring for themselves and I thought of course! What a good idea. I have made similiar rings with cabs for myself before, but not with flowers. What fun don’t you think?!

Okay, gotta go work on beadies for tomorrow. 😀