Rainy day.

I enhanced the photo above… Don’t be fooled, it looks sweet and of course I love walking home with my girls, but they whined and bickered the whole way. Just goes to show you that a picture doesn’t always capture what is actually happening… like how my child in the blue coat is really walking up to poke at her sister’s umbrella which is what started all the trouble… 😀


Rainy lazy day here… how nice is THAT! I really needed a quiet day of just toodling about with the wee ones so it was very nice! 😀 I have a hot date tonight to go shop for a BBQ grill after dinner out at our new favorite restaurant. They have YUMMY pomegranite daquaris… woohoo! Heehee… Have a great night!

Another rainy day…

Maybe you have a little sun in your neighborhood? Since my sniffles continue I don’t really mind the rain… kinda peaceful actually. 🙂

April showers become May showers…

The rain is back! Actually it has been back for a week or so, but at least it was warm. Today it is rainy AND cold… sigh… 😕 Oh well, being true Oregonians we went on a puddle walk anyway. Now we are back drinking cocoa and staying INSIDE!! Heehee. Hope you saw some sunshine today. Have a great night!! 😀