More Rogue River pics

Sigh… it was a fabulous trip. We went with Row Adventures and our guides were great fun. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go again…

Rogue River

We got back from our three day raft trip over the weekend. It was a great success! Both girls went solo in the inflatable kayaks for the first time… woohoo! 🙂

Rafting pics

It was a great trip!

Another rafting trip.

DH recently took a kayaking class and has decided that we need to spend more time on the river… so we went on a little rafting trip today. The rapids were not too crazy which made it more relaxing, and our guide was great. He managed our two very chatty girls quite nicely and we had a fine time! 🙂

Rafting Big Eddy.

Yesterday we decided to go on an adventure and we signed up for a raft trip on the Deschutes river. Ron was our guide and he was great. It was short and sweet, only about 90 minutes. The girls loved it. They took turns sitting up front and getting soaked. As you can see we all got a turn at getting soaked. After going through the main class 3 rapid we coasted down to the swimming hole where everyone got a chance to stand on the front of the raft and fall into the river. It was simply a great day! 🙂 Today is much more quiet, lots of bike riding and swimming… oh the joys of Sunriver!