Farewell Tacoma.

Whew… today we had classes from 9-5 and it was a long day! I can now do tubular right angle weave but it is a bit time consuming even though it is super cool. The teachers were nice, the classes were small, and we made it home quite late… A day of classes and then five hours on the road makes for a long day. Only one wrong turn and a minor freak out when I thought I was heading back onto I-5 North… sigh… but happily that did not happen and we got home in one piece! Off to bed now! 😀

Glass everywhere.

So the classes we took today were great. My poor mom struggled a bit with “picante” stitch (aka peyote), but overall I think our selections were successful. We did a little sight seeing in Tacoma. First we walked over the Bridge of Glass which leads to the Museum of Glass. The brige was rather amazing!

At the museum of glass we watched the guest artist Marvin Lipofsky do a glass blowing demo. It was interesting to watch since he gave more direction than anything else. I think most of his artistic work must come when he cold works the pieces since he cuts them apart quite a bit and sandblasts them to make them into these crazy organic forms. It was fun to watch them make such a large piece, I had not seen one that big made before. A nice bonus of glass mixed into our bead weekend! 😀


Tacoma here we come!

We made it! After driving for about five hours we arrived at the Puget Sound Bead Festival. We stayed right next door at the swanky Sheritan, which had an amazing view from the 22nd floor. 🙂