Last Project Fair… sniff…

Today is the Project Fair at the elementary school. My youngest has become obsessed with friendship bracelets. Her and a friend made this great display and spent many an afternoon over the last few weeks trying out lots of different designs. Below are a few design samples that my daughter made… she is still perfecting how much string to use so that the bracelets are long enough. 😉 All in all pretty cute!


It was a success! When I looked back it seems we’ve had many a great project fair moment! Although I was a tad concerned when there was no photo for 2011… and then I remember there was no project fair that year. 🙁 Oh well… the others were fun for my girls!

Project Fair

This year my youngest made a Maui display. She made a paper-mache model of the island and she researched lots of cool facts about Maui and made drawings for all of her information. She has Maui on her mind since we are heading on a fun family trip pretty soon…

My oldest did her project fair display on how images change depending on how they are saved on your computer. Just ask her about JPEG, PING, or GIF files and she has the scoop. She is apparently turning into a little web mistress! Woohoo!

Overall it was another successful project fair! 🙂

Project Fair 2009

The girls did it again… great projects for their schools annual Project Fair! My oldest did Pascal’s Triangle and my youngest did her project on tropical fish… inspired by Hawaii of course! Okay… Dude might have provided a little input for the Pascal’s Triangle display. 🙂

Project fair success.

Yes, it was that time again… time for the project fair. It goes without saying that my youngest was SO happy to participate after watching for three years. My oldest shared the bamboo house that she made for a class project and my youngest showed off what she made in clay camp. Both kids did great and had lots of fun! I even remembered my camera… woohoo!


Are you following the Iditarod? We are! In fact tomorrow is the project fair at our elementary school and this is the project my oldest made. Those polymer clay skills are coming in handy!

It happend again!

Of course tonight was the Project Fair at my daughters school. Very low key, the kids just make a project and display it, a fun excuse to do something cool with mom and dad since in elementary school we can still sometimes be cool. 😀 Dude really wanted to build a microscope so that is what he convinced my oldest to do… Anyway, all day I kept thinking, I need to remember my camera this year! Of course I thought, no problem, I will… and of course… I didn’t!

But… ta-dah… I had my fancy pants camera phone! Yeah for me! Heehee…So I got a few pictures. Whew…