Made it to Corning.

We made it really far on day one this year. Yeah! However, I ate too many gummy bears to keep from being bored… oh and that was after a nutritious lunch at KFC! It’s vacation though right? 🙂 Now we just get to chill by the pool because it is HOT! Gotta rest up for more driving tomorrow…

Farewell summer.

School starts on Wednesday which means that summer is basically over. I have to admit that I’m kinda sad about it. We are staying at the pool until they kick us out. We enjoyed the pool quite a bit this summer and we are all a bit sad that it is coming to an end.

Finally we stopped!

Every year we drive by this little pool in Medford that you can see from the freeway. I always think that we should stop and check it out but often we are too tired or just starting our trip so we don’t stop. Finally this year I decided that we needed to check it out. Apparently it is bumper boats where you try to ram each other and spray each other with water. At 10a.m. it wasn’t very crowded but my girls thought that it was a nice break from sitting in the car. 🙂

Chillin' at the pool.

Just chillin’ at the pool with my girlies. I’ve been getting up early to make beads before it gets too hot and before my kids get too squirrely! A bonus to my blog upgrade is that I can now upload photos and updates directly to my site via my phone… So I’m typing right now at the pool… This could be dangerous! I’ll have new beads tomorrow so check back. 🙂


Summer is off to a good start.

My friend just got a pool for the summer and even though it wasn’t that warm today (only about 70… eek!) everyone jumped right in and swam about. Of course mine are the goggle girls… 😀 What a great start to summer!

Last Day

It is the last day and I think we are ready to be home! One last game of Island of the Blue Dolphins/Mermadia and we will be off!