Another ocean week

I went for lunch and stayed over an hour watching them run amok on the the playground. I’ll take it… pretty soon there will be no more playground days…

Ocean week BBQ

It was raining quite hard so we had the BBQ in the gym. The first time it has rained on a lunch BBQ in seven years! Wow! Then of course it stopped raining…

So we went out for recess… when… you guessed it… it started to rain again! Yikes! I got points though, not too many parents stayed and stood in the rain. You can bet I pointed that out to #2 who is still sporting her sequin hat! 😀 She is in a play at school this afternoon and she is a shark… which is why she also has on the sparkly jacket. You gotta have extra sparkle for the stage!

Playground fun

Today was the Harvest lunch at our elementary school. I wasn’t planning to go, in fact I said that I wasn’t going to be able to make it but my daughter called to check if I really couldn’t make it or maybe I had changed my mind. Apparently there is a phone in her classroom… this could be bad… I was on the fence about going since the kids have been home lots lately because of teacher conferences and furlough days, not to mention I was busy all weekend in my class. Since I got the reminder call I figured I better go. Do you think she’s got my number?!

It was a nice morning. I got to watch their playground antics and everyone ate turkey. These are the new playground swings… the kids waited so patiently in line for their turn without any direction. It was rather amazing! Oh well, today I got points in the parent department but not much melting of glass… I guess the day is still young. Oh wait, I have to got get one, and then the other, take them to piano, and then feed them. It’s not looking good for glass…

Ocean week picnic.

It was the last day of ocean week today and so I went to the all-school picnic with my girlies. Happily the rain took a break and we even saw a little sunshine. Here is my youngest playing with a friend in her stylish boots. 😀

Ocean BBQ

We went to see my oldest at school for ocean week… but apparently she had more fun with her friends and I only got pics of #2 playing around.