Pirate pics.

It was a success! Captain Ironclaw stole away Deckrat from her pirate training preschool to help man the ship… or something like that. 😀 The Dude can think up some crazy pirate talk when he wants to! The best part was that our youngest was totally surprised and loved it! After stealing her away we took her out for lunch and celebrated just how grown up she is… Where does the time go? My kids have been going to this childcare since about the time that they were born. I truly love the teachers and I did my best not to cry on my way out the door… but it was very hard…

I’m married to a pirate.

I think the dude was a pirate in another life. He knows more pirate lingo than anyone should! It isn’t like he studied it or anything, y’know at pirate college , heehee… somehow he just knows it. Maybe it is just a guy thing, anyway, of course my kids love this! He often tells stories in his pirate voice and digs up pre-buried treasure with them in the back yard. A few years back he bought a pirate costume and does a great job on Halloween, but we decided that he should perform more often, like for my daughters pre-school class! Of course it was a huge success and pretty darn amusing to watch!! Go dude! 😀