Barnes and Noble 2015


The girls played very nicely today… 🙂 I swear we have done a recital at Barnes and Noble every year forever… but I don’t have many photos. Oh well, still a little trip down memory lane.


Piano Recital 2014


It was a very nice recital… even if the photos below don’t totally convey that.

Piano recital in October


She played Sister Christian…


and she played Here Comes the Sun. They both did awesome… of course. 🙂

Barnes and Noble 2012

piano recital

Every year the girls do a piano recital at Barnes & Noble. This year my oldest played Someone “Like You” by Adele and my youngest played “Firework” by Katy Perry. I’m sure they also played Christmas songs but I don’t remember those… oh and they did a duet this year which is pretty impressive… the fighting was kept to a minimum! Good job family!!

Piano recital

They each played beautifully at the piano recital! Yeah for piano success!