Hanging heart

Another tiny pendant. This one drops about an inch. I think I’m ready to make something more advanced… Crazy rings here I come. 🙂

Little pearl

This pendant is super tiny, that is a 5mm stone. I’m having fun making tiny things these days… which is ironic because I have so much trouble seeing tiny things. Thank goodness for magnification!

Bronze clay Pendant

Here is another pendant that I made from bronzclay. Once again I set a cabochon that I made. This pendant is actually an earlier one that I forgot to photograph. I was messing around with using the small silver balls… which I love! And then I set the cz in and embeddable prong setting. I think it is kind of fun. Anyway, I’ve got sooo many ideas for this metal clay floating about in my head, and even tools to try but with the dreaded illness running amok in our house I have not been getting much done! However, I have high hopes for this weekend. DH is scampering off to San Francisco with the girls to visit family so I plan to play and experiment! Wish me luck!

YOJ – Silver Core Pendant

It is quite satisfying to pound silver and not break the glass! As you can see below there have been a few casualties… oh well, you win some you lose some. Kinda like how my morning is going, two of my family members were totally grumpy and unpleasant and two of us were happy. What can you do? You win some, you lose some I guess. Hopefully everyone will be in good spirits by tonight! (Fingers crossed!) 🙂

Remember ebay?

I decided to mix it up a bit and throw an auction over to ebay… It has been forever since I’ve posted something new over there and I thought what the heck?! 😀 So if you are in the mood for an auction take a peek!

Swirly Heart Pendant

I love this new design! I even soldered a little on this piece and I really like it… I can’t wait to get back from our trip to play with a few other ideas that I have. I also filed the ends of the swirls so that they are tapered which I think is a nice effect. Anyway, just thought I shoulld kick off my Year of Jewelry 2008! Gotta get busy, time just flies when you are making jewelry. 😀

YOJ – Peace Pendant

I’m still chugging along on my YOJ project. It doesn’t look like I’ll get 52 pieces in for the year, but I’m pretty close. 😀 You can see all my pieces from this year here.

YOJ – Purple Heart Pendant

I’m so into these pendants! I’ve made a bunch of cool hearts I just need to add all the cool little doo-dads that I have for them! It is amazing what a few weeks off can do to spart my creativity. I’ve also been making some new boro charms which I also really like and I hope you like them too because I can’t seem to stop myself from making them. Ha! 😀 Anyway, hope you are having a great weekend, I’ll have more new beads on Tuesday.

YOJ – Boro Pendant Madness

So I am really into these large focal pendants. I can’t tell you how much positive feedback that I am getting from wearing mine. They may seem simple… but sometimes simple is just enough, right?! 😀

YOJ – Blue Waves Pendant

Oh I just love pendants! I think that they can make a great statement when worn with a simple t-shirt. I really like the caps that I put on this boro lentil bead. I was playing around with a few items in my studio and I like how these caps matched the lentil shape. Makes me want to play with a little metal clay to make more caps as an exact match… just gotta find some time! 😀 Okay, off for a donut run with the girlies! If I get organized I might be back with more YOJ pics later today. Enjoy your Saturday!

YOJ – Geode Pendant

The jewelry continues… I love this pendant! The photo does not do it justice. This is a geode type focal where I have sanded down each side to a nice flat polish so that the center shines through, just like a geode rock. Then the boro colors on the leaf bead are too cool… just gotta remember how I did that! You can always see the whole year of jewelry HERE!