Art in the park.

Everyone has track fever… we had a small celebration in a local park with free ice cream (the real draw) so of course we had to stop by. A local artisan made track figures out of wood and there was a band. The kids had a blast! 😀

Crayfish walk.

We went to the river for a walk today as a family. It was quite peaceful. We saw lots of little crayfish dudes… I made lots of beads this weekend which has made me quite happy. With the recent holiday and school ending and my little weekend adventures as of late I have felt quite busy. It was nice to just have a normal weekend! 😀

Cold toes.

I went on a hike (for almost an hour… no one mentioned an hour hike when I signed up!) with the second graders this morning in the rain. Of course being May and all I thought it wouldn’t be freezing and it was… when will I learn?! Oh well, it was fun, the kids did great. I had hoped to get beads made this afternoon but my youngest managed to hurt herself while trying to run over a younger child on a scooter at her school. (Thankfully the other child was not hurt!) So here we are home together without any bead productivity, what can ya’ do? 🙂 (Umm, rejoice that at least on top of everything there is no soccer game in the rain as well! Woohoo! Clearly Maui has made me wimpy…)

True Oregonians

Who else would have a picnic in the rain that included popsicles! From an early age our kids learn to ignore the weather! 😀 Woohoo! School is out for the summer!