Origami insanity


Sunday my oldest and two friends assembled this origami masterpiece for biology. I’m not sure what they are doing with it but it is amazing!


Uber origami

So we got my daughter this book… and she whipped up this display for a school project. Have you tried origami? I have… and clearly I’m still just a beginner… but she a pro!

Origami Santa

Having a restful holiday… but of course the craftiness continues! My oldest got a great origami book for Christmas and now she is going to town. How cute is this festive Santa on his sled with his bag of gifts…. I love it!! 🙂

Smell the origami?

I’m pretty sure that there is something else I should be doing this afternoon besides origami with my girls. But you gotta take time to smell the roses… or in this case the origami right?! Mostly I can’t believe I can make it work! I have tried a bit of origami before and generally end up with crumpled balls of paper. Happily most of my folds have folded correctly and I actually get something at the end. Yeah! My brain hasn’t gone to complete mush… yet! 🙂


I’m trying to learn origami. It drives me crazy though, I see these “simple” diagrams and it makes me nuts when I can’t figure out how the fold is suppossed to go! I figure on some level it must be good brain exersize… heehee. Anyway, these are my VERY little accomplishments so far. I just bought a book Multidimensional Transformations Unit Origami… sounds like fun huh!!! 😀 We shall see… Hope you are having a great Thursday!!