Swimming… of course

Dinner was a bust… we ate at the Coast restaurant which seemed like a chain and cost too much. We didn’t even take a photo of what we got because we were underwhelmed. Oh well, can’t win ’em all… After dinner Dan did decided it was time to jump into the bay. Notice how many other people are swimming! But of course that did not stop him… and you can imagine how warm the water was on this overcast day. 😉

Turtles in the morning

How many do you see? Maybe one of these days we’ll get off our duffs and go snorkeling with all six of them. 😉

Paddle boarding

Since no one had tried it before we said what the heck.

Both the girls thought that it was super fun.

Dude said it was fun … but he didn’t the bickering over whose turn it was. I liked it just fine from the beach where I couldn’t hear any of them! 😀

Whale sighting

Woohoo! Whales splashing about right by our hotel… I want to see more… 🙂

Our weekend at the Coast.

It was a great weekend of relaxing and eating too much. I don’t know how we are going to get back into the normal routine…

Turtle hangin’ at the beach.

This was a first… we swam with turtles while on this trip but we never just wandered to the beach and found one hanging in the sun.

Whale pics.

I found a few whales! I also found the setting on my camera where I just hold the shutter button down and it takes picture after picture so I got the play by play of each whale swimming up and then down. Yes… I know, I’m a little outa’ control but what can I say? I get so excited when I see them. 🙂