Rivoli necklace

Ummm… maybe you already knew how cool these rivoli beads are?! But I just found them and I’m in love! Okay, really I love all Swarovski beads, components, elements, rhinestones… you name it and I pretty much like it! But now that I’m bezel setting these rivoli’s with seed beads I’m certainly smitten with this design! I just love all the colors!

bronze clay names

So I think I finally have mastered the bronzclay. It certainly is satisfying when you can make things and they more or less turn out as you had expected. Trust me… I’ve made a few that went awry. I’ve also figured out the plating. I was having a minor issue that was giving me spotty results. Sometimes it worked great… and others, well, not so great. But hooray! Now it always seems to work which is also satsifying. Above is a photo of the names right out of the kiln. Okay, I might have polished them up because they seem rather shiny… and below is a photo of a few with a fine overlay of silver and then antiqued to bring out the texture. In person they are a bit more silver than they appear in the photo…

Anyway, I think I might offer to make names in the Mart. It is quite fun and everyone seems to enjoy wearing them… 🙂

Lavender Shimmer Necklace

Got a request to make a necklace using one of the leaf pendants. This is a great design (if I do say so myself) that will go with anything! It was hard to let it go… I might need to make one for myself! 🙂

Duda necklace with bronze clay

You saw this coming right? Of course Dude wants his own necklace too. Won’t we be so cute?! 🙂 I love the bronzclay, but I’m more of a silver girl. So on this piece I added a fine layer of silver by plating the pendant and then of course I antiqued it a bit with liver of sulphur. I’m pretty happy with the results and I’ve got a few more ideas… Stay tuned!

Bronze clay Pendant

Here is another pendant that I made from bronzclay. Once again I set a cabochon that I made. This pendant is actually an earlier one that I forgot to photograph. I was messing around with using the small silver balls… which I love! And then I set the cz in and embeddable prong setting. I think it is kind of fun. Anyway, I’ve got sooo many ideas for this metal clay floating about in my head, and even tools to try but with the dreaded illness running amok in our house I have not been getting much done! However, I have high hopes for this weekend. DH is scampering off to San Francisco with the girls to visit family so I plan to play and experiment! Wish me luck!

YOJ – Happy Yellow Necklace

I just love these big ol’ Lucite beads. They are big and… light. I love necklaces to make a statement but I don’t want to have a tired neck at the end of the day so Lucite works great for this! It is a fun necklace that I love to throw on with a t-shirt and jeans, not to mention it was quick to whip up. Sometimes simple is nice.

YOJ – Pink and black necklace.

Did you think that YOJ – Year of Jewelry had died? I know… it certainly has slowed down. I tell ya’ sometimes I just don’t know where the time goes! But I have been making a few necklaces lately. This one uses black cord and knotting. I kind of like it! I really like the focal bead which is why I snapped it up from the Mart. Anyway, I’ve got a few more pieces to share so keep watching!

Red Necklace

Here is a pic of a necklace I made for my mom. 🙂 I made some other gifts but of course I forgot to photograph them…

Teal and black necklace.

I tell ya’ I’m outa control with these cabochons of mine! I made all but the bottom cabochon in this design. (There are a total of seven all together.) I’m having so much fun using them with seed beads because the color options are endless. This necklace took awhile to make but smaller designs go rather quickly. I am trying to work up a tutorial because I want you to be just as addicted as me! Ha! 🙂 Okay, see you at the Mart tomorrow with new goodies, lots of organics.

Beaded bezel in pink.

So I love working with silver and bezel setting my cabs, but I have to say that I find the color choices limited… silver or uh, silver. (Sorry, I’m not brave enough to work in gold yet!) The other day I was looking at some old bead magazines and I saw some beautiful bead embroidery and that inspired me to break out my seed beads. I’m rather pleased with how this piece turned out and I’ve already started the next. I think other than the texture, which I love, I am happy about how light it is to wear. I enjoy making statement pieces, but lets face it, statements in glass can be heavy! The seed beads here are nice and light making them a great match to my handmade glass cabs. I am quite addicted to making cabs these days, maybe I’ll add some to the Mart. Does anyone else wanna try their hand at making beaded bezels? Maybe a tutorial is in order… 🙂