Mt. Pisgah walk with Dude.

Dude and I mixed up our exercise routine with a trip up Mt. Pisgah. It was harder than I remembered! Sheesh… maybe I’m just getting old.

Then we both speculated about just what kind of meat we could get if we stopped here on our way home…. hmmmm…


Today was a fieldtrip to Mt. Piscah which we all know that I love… so of course I had to go along, actually I drove six girls in my car… apparently the van comes in handy and the flames were quite a topic of discussion. 😀 This was the octopus tree which was quite the hit. It was a chilly morning but it was still nice to see daughter with her class… I can’t believe the year is already almost over, sigh…

Another hike…

Yep… I went again, this time with friends. Who can turn down time with great friends and exersize so I can eat more at dinner?! 🙂 It is also in the 90’s today which is making it a little hard for me to jump into my shop and sit next to my kiln, but I might… you never know. Hope you are having a great Friday.

Iris inspiration.

So I walked a trail at Mt. Pisgah today and I saw an iris which gave me an idea for some beads… I loved those lines on the petal… we’ll see how it works. 🙂

Here was the view from the top today… it was beautiful!