Valentine’s Day… the movie

So I dragged DH to see Valentine’s Day tonight. It was mostly entertaining and certainly forgettable. It would have been a great movie to watch while doing something else. All the cute guys in it helped out, and the Taylors, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were the best part. Taylor Swift was quite funny! Anyway, we got out… that was great! I really wanted to see Shutter Island (and by IMDB reviews I guess we should have!) but I was worried it would scare me too much! I’m a sissy when it comes to movies, I get an image in my head and I won’t sleep for weeks. I might have to rent that one, have DH watch it, tell me all the scary parts, and then watch it on some sunny afternoon! Ha! 🙂 Okay… beads on Tuesday so check back!

I enjoyed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Took the girls yesterday and I thought it was a fun movie! Sadly we missed out on the 3-D version because Toy Story in 3-D is hogging all the space! 🙁 It was still a fun night out with the kiddos and I stayed awake through the whole movie so it must have been good! 😀


We went and saw Coraline yesterday and I think maybe it should be rated PG-13. It was a little freaky! I could certainly appreciate that it was well made and the 3-D was fun but really, (spoiler alert) a mom who wants to sew buttons over your eyes and eat you is a little spooky for younger kids! Oh well… I think my kids are not scarred for life and of course DH thinks I’m totally wrong and that it is fine for kids so who knows. Anyway, I’ll be back at ya’ tomorrow with some glass goodies!


It was a rainy afternoon so we went to see The Tale of Despereaux at the dollar theater. Although the plot was bit random I think the girlies liked it…

Xbox combined with Netflix is a winner.

Sooo… I recently splurged and subscribed to Showtime and I was rather surprised to find that the movie selection is not very impressive. (Okay, really I got it to watch season 4 of Weeds on demand over the holidays! Ha!) So when I couldn’t find a movie that I liked the other day I thought that Dude and I might follow the advice of a geeky podcast that I listen to and give the Xbox – Netflix combo a shot. Apparently you can subscribe to Netflix and then watch some of the movies (not all unfortunately) through your Xbox. It is actually pretty spiffy! I like that you can get a decent description of the movie and then poof… you can watch it immediately! Yesterday the girls watched Back to the Future and loved it! It was very cute to see them fret over the ending… although I did remind them that there was Back to the Future 2 and 3 so odds were good that it would work out. 🙂

Movies even in Portland!

So we are lucky enough to get outa town! Even in Portland the movie theme seems to continue. Last night we saw Slumdog Millionaire which was great. It is nice to have a little adult time by ourselves. Who knows what movie we will see tonight but I think we should continue with the theme! I know we are heading to Typhoon for dinner. Yum! 🙂

Movies continue…

So I hope that you are enjoying your new year! We watched Con Air last night which was okay… not great… But it was fun to remember oh so long ago when we first saw it. Sadly neither of us were awake at midnight to welcome the New Year. 😀

About A Boy

So the movie for yesterday was About A Boy which is an awesome movie! I’d seen it before but watching it again was almost as good as the first time! I guess one of the benefits of getting older is you can enjoy a movie again after you forget it. 😀 I’ll have new beads tomorrow so check back!

Bolt in 3D

So the movie for yesterday was Bolt in 3D. We trudged out in the rain to the mall… which was rather brave of us. To avoid the crowds we parked far away which gave us bonus family time and a short walk as part of our little adventure. The girls loved the movie and they enjoyed running through the park in the rain to scare the geese afterwards… It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Oh and I updated my photoblog…