No update today…

My mom came to visit from California this last week and so I didn’t have any time to make beads. It was great to have some time to just hang out with her. I spent lots of time knitting while hanging out (Yes… I don’t sit still very well!) and the girls had to get in on the action. They made those hats and my oldest made her fingerless gloves. The girls used those knifty knitter looms. Those things are awesome for kids! Hats take about an hour to knit and it gives them a great sense of accomplishment which keeps them going. My youngest made two other hats that are not in the photo. Anyway, we had lots of fun with grandma and knitting. I’ll get back on track with the glass for next week. See ya’ then!


First it was the jog-a-thon, then mom came to visit, and I just had to whip up a Lady Capulet costume for the Romeo and Juliette play this week. Whew… I’ve been busy! I hope to have beads tomorrow for an update but I’m still not sure what I have available… I’ll go check and let you know tomorrow. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom… you are the best! I found this photo from sometime in the 70’s I’m sure. My mom was a special education teacher so we have all of her school pictures to document just how stylish she was over the years. Look at her necklace… I bet she made it… 🙂

I got a surprise this morning… Dude and the girls got me a wide angle camera lens. Woohoo! Camera fun is always good. I have sort of been whining that I want a fish-eye lens and he keeps telling me that a wide angle will give that effect and be better than some gimmicky lens that can only do one thing. So then of course we spent the morning trying to achieve the fish-eye effect… lots of fun! After that we had a nice family lunch and a walk in the park, all the things a mom wants!

I know… can you believe I’m putting in this pic. I kinda like the artsy quality to it… but it certainly isn’t flattering to my big ol’ nose! Oh well. Thanks family for a great day!!


My mom is here visiting and we are hitting all the exciting spots in Eugene! 🙂

Call it an addiction…

By now you should just expect a new layout every few months. 😀 My mom was visiting and she said she preferred seeing more posts at once so you know, I gotta go with what mom wants… She heads home tomorrow, it was a very nice visit.

Grandma is visiting.

Grandma is busy “helping” the girls with a puzzle while she enjoys her new yellow crocs. Apparently they only make yellow crocs for the U of O so she came to the right place to find ’em! 😀

Matching hair.

Okay, so my mom and I managed to have super red hair at the same time while at the bead festival. Of course I think that we were pretty cute with our matching locks. Tomorrow my mom heads home at the ridiculous hour of 4:40 a.m. so I’ll be up bright and early to add new sets to the Mart. Check back tomorrow at the usual time and place ( at 11:30 a.m. my time) to see what I’ve got! 😀

Farewell Tacoma.

Whew… today we had classes from 9-5 and it was a long day! I can now do tubular right angle weave but it is a bit time consuming even though it is super cool. The teachers were nice, the classes were small, and we made it home quite late… A day of classes and then five hours on the road makes for a long day. Only one wrong turn and a minor freak out when I thought I was heading back onto I-5 North… sigh… but happily that did not happen and we got home in one piece! Off to bed now! 😀

Tacoma here we come!

We made it! After driving for about five hours we arrived at the Puget Sound Bead Festival. We stayed right next door at the swanky Sheritan, which had an amazing view from the 22nd floor. 🙂