Class of 2020 has been promoted.


Last night we watched our youngest get promoted from 8th grade. Woohoo! Our tiny baby who is 5’11-1/2″ (You know I need to include that 1/2 because my other daughter is 5’11” and we are serious about our height around here… 😀 ) stood taller than most of the other kids in the school. It made it easy to spot her in the crowd. I can’t believe I’m going to only have high schoolers next year. Yikes!


It was a happy evening for everyone!


New do

Cable scarf


Did I forget about this cowl too? Sheesh… I get rolling on posting those quilt blocks and forget about everything else. 😉 This has a super fuzzy lining which would be really great if I hadn’t made it a bit too big. Sigh…

Rainbow Scarf


I finished this awhile back and I don’t think I ever put up the pic… It uses this pattern which I love. It is very relaxing to make. Once I whip up my Woolfolk hat I’m pretty sure I’ll make another.

Christmas Success 2013

Xmas 2006

This photo was our Christmas card from 2006… seven years ago. It seems like soooo long ago. What is even weirder is to think in seven years the girls will most likely be out doing their own thing. Sigh… Time just flies. Happily this Christmas was a great one and I’m a bit sad to see it end.