Lights are lit!


I’m on it! Its not even December and I’ve got the lights up! Woohoo… Since I’m so early I might even have time to shop fore more lights… 😉

Christmas Lights

big spider

So this year while putting up the Christmas lights I found this huge spider… and yes… I felt the need to poke it with a stick and take its photo. It musta been hibernating or something because it was moving quite slowly which is how I got the photo!

holiday lights 2012

Don’t our lights look pretty at night?!

Lights are up

I don’t know… I think I still might need a few more candy canes…

Yes… even more lights.

I got one of these lights for Christmas and I decided one was lonely… I have an attic space that I call my “sanctuary” where I can hide when necessary. These lights are a fun addition, and they add to the lights outside… an extra bonus!

Have a safe and happy New Year!! This might be the year that my girls stay up later than me! Ha! 😀

Christmas lights… Check!

I need more candy canes though, don’t ya’ think?! Dude said it was gaudy but I think he is just being grinchy! I love it! 🙂

Phase one?

Woohoo! I took advantage of the nice sunny day and got our holiday lights up. I had forgotten that I bought a huge snowman last year! Yeah for me. 🙂 Although I got the lights up, I feel like some of the candy canes are not working great and I need to buy my one new addition for this year. Hmmmm …. just what should that be?! Guess I better go scope out the latest in Christmas lights to see what I should add. Of course once I add the new item I’ll update you with “phase two” of lighting for project Holiday 2009!

I just love Christmas lights!!