New high score for laser tag

It was us against some nine years old boys… and we won! HA! Really… they won too which seemed only fair. The best part of the game was my new high score! Woohoo! 🙂 Lots of fun!

new personal best

Quick game of lasertag over the holiday… and it was my new personal best! Next time I’m wearing tennis shoes… and maybe I’ll do better! 😀

Birthday success!

August birthday parties are crappy! We will never have our party in August again… it is June all the way from now on! My youngest has a birthday in August and every summer we worry about getting anyone to show up. Everyone is out of town and it causes my daughter much grief and so this year (thanks to my time off from Dudamart and being able to plan better) we got it together for a June party at Putters. It was great fun… we ate, we played miniature golf but most of all we played laser tag which was super fun! Next time I’ll try to sneak in my camera for that. A hot sweaty room in pitch black where we get to shoot at each other. What could be more fun… 😉 I think all the mom’s need to sneak over there before the kids are out of school… heehee…

Here the kids are fishing their golf ball out of the water feature. You can imagine how the adults loved the water features… oh well, it wasn’t for the adults. 😀