I’m having a sale of course!

Everyone else is having sales so I thought… why not! And 20% off to boot! Woohoo! Okay… so the newest beads are not on sale, but ALL the other beads are! Take a peek at dudamart.com if you have a minute. Sale ends tomorrow night… Okay, off to plan dinner and pick everyone up from here and there… Enjoy your evening. 🙂

New beads are up!

Beads are up! Click on over to dudamart.com to see the latest! The top set in this photo is a new design that takes forever to make… but I love it so much I went ahead and made a few. Hopefully you guys like it too!

Okay… yes, my youngest gave me this hint to get on with dinner… I am happy to see that even though she is thinking of eating pizza, she is decked out in her stylish beads! Good job! Off to cook… I mean order dinner. 😀

Purple Disc Ring

I love it! Don’t you? I made with base metal which keeps the cost reasonable and allows me more time to play with the glass, my favorite part of course. 🙂

Beads are up!

I’ve just added a few nice sets to the Mart. Click on over to check it out! I really wanted to have some new rings today… but Mr. UPS is super late with some of my supplies… 🙁 Oh well… maybe I’ll update next week with a some super cool rings!

Boro is back!

Did you miss it? 🙂 I was having problems with my oxygen supplier but now I’ve got a new one… Yeah! I can make boro beads again. Woohoo! Check out the latest at www.dudamart.com. Happy Tuesday!!

Murrine Madness!

New beads are up! I’m pretty excited about these… my technique for adding murrine is working pretty well! It has taken lots of practice but I think I’ve gotten it down. I love how the the lentil beads look with a nice murrine design on them. Hope you do too! Enjoy your Tuesday!! 🙂