Berry Colorful

I made these socks with Berry Colorful Yarnings in the Bourbon Barrel colorway. I love the yarn, so smooth and the striping is great! Don’t look too closely at my heels… 😯

Sport weight… oops.

I thought this was fingering weight and halfway through I read the yarn and its sport weight. EEK. They don’t fit so great so I’ve gifted them to my child who has a foot that is a bit smaller than mine. I’m still happy I finished them. Apparently socks take me about two weeks to knit while watching TV at night. 🙂 I’m going to try a top down pair with a regular heel next. Just want to mix it up a bit!

New year… of socks?

I just made these socks and the pattern was soooo easy! Thanks Craftsy. Now I want to knit socks all the time and buy more pretty sock yarn. I’m not making any grand statements like I’ll knit a pair each week this year… but that thought is floating about in my mind. I’m just gonna enjoy the zen of sock knitting and warm feet while I’m in the groove. 🙂

Purple cowl


Don’t mess with my quilt blocks bro… lol… I might need to work on my selfie faces. I was really trying to photograph my new toasty warm purple cowl. My sewing studio is a finished garage, and therefore often very cold. This new cowl certainly warms me up.


This is the temp after the heat has been on for awhile… brrrrrr…

Cable scarf


Did I forget about this cowl too? Sheesh… I get rolling on posting those quilt blocks and forget about everything else. 😉 This has a super fuzzy lining which would be really great if I hadn’t made it a bit too big. Sigh…

Rainbow Scarf


I finished this awhile back and I don’t think I ever put up the pic… It uses this pattern which I love. It is very relaxing to make. Once I whip up my Woolfolk hat I’m pretty sure I’ll make another.

Fingerless gloves in purple.


I whipped up these super cute fingerless gloves using this pattern. I will need them when it gets cold in my sewing shack… and yes, I got my nails done. Painting the trim in my living room made a mess of them. 🙁 It made me sad that they were so short and boring so I decided I needed a primping moment. Woohoo!

Pendulum shawl

New shawl using this pattern. Fun to knit!

Here it is a bit less psychadelic! 🙂