My torch had cobwebs on it!

Apparently it had been awhile since I lit it up! But I did! Yeah… I’m working on finding time again to melt a little glass. If I get on it I should have an update next week. Woohoo!

Death buzz

After leaving my kiln alone for two weeks it let me know that it was lonely by loudly buzzing and then dying. Okay, not the kiln, but the relay inside the controller. Sigh… Happily I always keep a spare and I only shocked myself once in the process of putting the new one in… Woohoo! Seriously, never forget to unplug crap before working on it! Duh!

Why I love my Dude.

So this morning I woke up to glass pancakes and I was quite sad… 🙁 Happily my Dude actually understands the circuitry of a kiln so he took apart another controller that I just happened to have and we figured out it was the relay and we replaced it. My kiln is fixed!! Woohoo!! I can’t tell you how happy this made me!! There is nothing I find more satisfying than an instant fix! Especially on a holiday weekend. My Dude rules!!

In case you are wondering I will have beads tomorrow… sadly not as many of course, but still a few fun sets… 🙂