Duck tape purses

How cute are these?! My girls have been busy… They found the pattern online and put the purses together all on their own! Aside from the bits and pieces of super sticky tape laying about the house, I’d say that this project was a success. 🙂

Week of painting

My oldest is at camp and so my youngest wanted to do something special this week since it was just the two of us. We decided it would be painting with oils. We started out trying to paint still life’s and after about three days we decided that was boring and so we moved on to birdhouses! The birdhouses have been lots of fun… well really the whole week has been fun. 🙂


Cute broccoli was made this morning and I promised to share… Now if we could just get my daughter to eat broccoli! Sigh…

Ceramic morning

My mom came to visit this last week which was very nice. On her last day we all went to paint ceramics…

The girls worked hard on their pieces. Can you guess who made the smile face mug?! 🙂 I decided this time even I was going to paint something! It was nice to have my mom here… it always flies by so quickly… sigh…

Candy crafts

This craft was supposed to be for Tuesday when there is no school… but of course she couldn’t wait… nor could they wait to eat it all! Oh well… what’s a little extra candy at Halloween right?!