knotted necklace

I finally tried knotting a necklace. I love the drape… I think I’m ready to use some pearls. 🙂

tiny silver heart ring

Just as I suspected! Fine silver rings are much easier to make than bronze rings. It just costs double (or more) which means I have to plan out my design better so that I love every piece I make. This was my trial piece. I did not spend tons of time on it since I wasn’t sure how it would fire but happily it worked great. Now I’m off to plan the next ring… woohoo!

drawing starts it all…

Below is the drawing I made for these earrings. I wanted to make a big pair to see how heavy they would be and actually they are not too bad.


Bronze stackers

Okay, after much trial and error I have decided that bronze rings are hard to make. The clay shrinks so much during the building process that it is hard to let rings dry and attach properly before they go into the kiln. At least for me… right now… I’m of course still thinking about how to make it work. 🙂 I did manage to make these cute stackers out of bronze.

Hanging heart

Another tiny pendant. This one drops about an inch. I think I’m ready to make something more advanced… Crazy rings here I come. 🙂

Little pearl

This pendant is super tiny, that is a 5mm stone. I’m having fun making tiny things these days… which is ironic because I have so much trouble seeing tiny things. Thank goodness for magnification!

Purple hoops

If you saw my most recent hair color… then you knew these earrings were coming. A girl has to coordinate. 😉