Jazzercise with my girls!


They are both taller than me (and I’m 5’10”)… 🙁 But aren’t they cute?! They came to Jazzercise with me this morning and it was awesome. Yay for mom moments. 🙂

Not too shabby…


What can I say?! I love the stats from my fitbit. 🙂 I also found out that in 2014 I went to Jazzercise 138 times. Apparently you get a prize for 150 which I clearly missed, but I’m pretty sure it was because of my trip to Paris so how can I feel bad? Hopefully I’ll stay healthy in 2015 and do just as well.

Yeah for me!

I did it! I went 150 times this year so now I get a t-shirt. Woohoo! Okay… I’m not so excited about the shirt, but I am happy I set out to do it… And I did. 🙂 Yeah for me!

I didn’t forget.

I went to pick up #2 from school and she had scheduled herself a playdate which meant I was walking home solo… unless you count her crap, i.e. backpack, lunchbox, etc. as my companions. 🙂 Anyway I did remember to smell the roses as I walked home, and of course I even snapped a few pics.

Oh and I didn’t forget that it is my one year anniversary for Jazzercise! Woohoo!


So today I joined our local Jazzercise. I’ve done it before (oh, about 10 years ago!) and since I kept it up then I’m hopeful that I will stick with it now. I walk with a friend twice a week, I bike around town, and now I’ve got aerobics going… Why do I do all this? So I can eat more of course! 🙂 Anyway, wish me luck with sticking with it. I’m going again tomorrow morning so if the beads are a bit late you’ll know why. Hopefully I can pack it all in successfully.