Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and mom like peeps! We had a nice breakfast out. I got everyone to get up and out of the house by 7:30 so we could be at the restaurant before it was crowded… now that is love!

Then I was surprised (not) with this fabulous gift! A Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch because I love gadgets. I’m still figuring out how it works which makes me happy… I can still figure crap out! Woot! It seems pretty amazing so far. It synced right away with my phone and had no moments during installation where I was like… Crap! This cost enough so it should be easy! Always a win.

On the plane.


This was before we knew we would wait an hour on the plane for other people on various delayed flights. Oh well, I’m sure that they were all very happy we waited.

Early Christmas here.


We were heading out of town so we opened our presents early. By all accounts it was a great family day… I just wish we had more family time at home to relax, but instead we were zipping off to Hawaii for the holidays.


Apparently dude is never just smiling in the pics… 😕

Gingerbread houses from scratch.


We usually buy a kit from the store but this year Kiwi made them from scatch! She drew out the pattern and everything, and then she sized it down so that there was enough dough for her sister to make a house. Isn’t she clever?!

Christmas lights are up!


Its another candy cane year! Happily Kiwi was excited about the lights or I’m pretty sure that I would have skipped them. She put up all the candy canes along the walk. Thanks Miss K!

Christmas Success 2013

Xmas 2006

This photo was our Christmas card from 2006… seven years ago. It seems like soooo long ago. What is even weirder is to think in seven years the girls will most likely be out doing their own thing. Sigh… Time just flies. Happily this Christmas was a great one and I’m a bit sad to see it end.