Thursday hike

First we went to lunch and we got to chat with our girls. Lots of talk about college next year. My oldest got into MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton, Harvey Mudd, Carnegie Mellon, RPI, Case Western, and OSU. Only Stanford was lame enough not to accept her, I think she will manage just fine with all those other choices.

After lunch we hiked up the backside of Spencer’s Butte.

The the hike took over two hours and it was all uphill and raining. I’m fine with exercise, I just prefer it doesn’t last more than an hour… I’m pretty sure that sentiment is expressed in this photo.

But my hair, at least in this pic, looked great against the sky. 🙂

Blue Lake


I did it… Dude whined so we all went on a hike… in the heat! He swore it would be cooler in the mountains and it wasn’t. 🙁 It did keep us busy so we didn’t sit at home in the heat, but I would have much rather gone and sat in a movie theater with the AC blowing.

Big hike… again

We made this hike last year and Dude liked it so much we did it again with Aunt Josie and Uncle Adam.

Dude was in charge of smacking down spiderwebs with his big stick… My fitbit showed that we walked about 100 floors and over six miles on this hike. I think anap is in order after that! 🙂

Big hike,

Dude and I went on a six mile hike. I’m wearing my new cool backpack for my camera so I can take even more pics! 🙂

Kapalua Resort Trails

Today we went on our hike to the Kapalua Resort trails. We walked the Honolua Ridge and Maunalei Arboretum trails which were nice. It was unusual because they encouraged us to go off the trail and pick fruit and check out the trees which was cool. They had coffee and guava growing everywhere and of course Dude had to climb a few trees… Then we ran into this huge centipede on our way home. All in all a nice hike. 🙂

Fall Creek

We went on a little family hike to Fall Creek. There were only minor outbursts so overall it was a success! It certainly was nice to be near the river instead of at home with no a/c! I’m not that much of a nature girl so I take my camera to stay busy while DH frolics with the girls and I decided to hunt for hearts in nature… it was kind of fun, see if you agree that you see a heart too… I got bored near the rocks, that was sort of a cheater heart! Ha! 🙂


Are you sick of my nature pics yet? Or maybe the smiley faces? Nooooo… not those! You can never have enough smiley faces right?! I am having fun taking and playing with these photos of flowers and such. I took this one today while I went on a hike to my usual Mt. Pisgah. After I took the photo I couldn’t stop wondering if I had walked in poison oak when I moved the flower. (What can I say, sometimes nature needs a little help!) Happily no itching yet so I think I’m good. I must have poison oak on the brain because my mom is currently suffering from it… hope you are itching less mom!

Sweet Creek Falls

We went on a little hike today to Sweet Creek Falls. It was gorgeous! The falls were beautiful and the the trail was super easy to walk, always a bonus in my book! 😀 Of course did the rest of my family stay on the trail? No… It was fine however since I was totally sucked in by the beauty of all the ferns and flowers. I was fascinated by all the different types of ferns and how they all swirled open differently. I just love swirls and it was very cool to see so much natural swirly goodness. I took way took a ridiculous number of photos and I can’t wait to go make some fern beads! 🙂