Hawaii 2016

We spent the holidays in Hawaii. It was nice, but I’m glad to be home… with electricity!

Hawaii productivity?


I mentioned that I sat about and did nothing in Hawaii… but you know me… I can’t actually sit and do nothing. I started making block #23 from The New Hexagon book called Dawn. It seemed like an appropriate block to start with. πŸ˜‰

It was actually a great travel project! I used the acrylic templates from Paper Pieces to cut out my shapes. This sped up the cutting and made it so that my finished hexagons are all the same size. Now I can assemble the blocks by machine! I don’t really even like putting the blocks together by machine, let alone by hand! I managed to make 60 blocks on this trip. Woohoo!

Rainbows galore.

There were lots of rainbows after the cloudy mornings.


It was also pretty windy most days… πŸ™‚ Each morning I went for a walk so I could sit about and do nothing for the rest of the day. I never even put on my swimsuit this trip. (I did mention the clouds right?) We had some very nice family time on this trip. We watched the complete first season of Friday Night Lights and everyone (except me) went to the beach daily. It may not have been sunny all the time but it never dipped below 80 degrees during the day which was nice.

Early Christmas here.


We were heading out of town so we opened our presents early. By all accounts it was a great family day… I just wish we had more family time at home to relax, but instead we were zipping off to Hawaii for the holidays.


Apparently dude is never just smiling in the pics… πŸ˜•

Maui pics


We made it home. Before we left I did get a few more photos… lots of fun in the sun.

Real whale today.


Today I saw a whale just splashing for fun right outside our room. First the tail is up…


then a splash.


Up again…


another splash.





It was pretty cool. The whale just kept splashing about. Apparently at the beach where the kids and Dude went the whales were breaching. Oh well, a whale playing right outside my room is pretty nice too.

Whale ahoy


I saw an awesome whale jumping about when I went on a little walk tonight. Unfortunately I only had my crappy phone to take the pic. πŸ™ So I didn’t even bother, I just came home and made up this photo… Heehee… Could you tell it was a fake?! My kids didn’t even see the black blob that I drew in the middle of the ocean as my faux whale so maybe you didn’t either? ((What else would that black blob be after I title the post “whales ahoy?!”)) After taking these I’m now spoiled. My long lens on my good camera does such a nice job. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember it when I head out. πŸ˜‰

Must make stuff.


Do you think we are sitting around doing nothing?! Of course not!


My youngest just taught herself how to crochet and then made this cute hello kitty inspired purse. It is the second purse that she has made so far on the trip.


I am of course working on appliquΓ© blocks. So far I have finished two blocks. Yay for getting stuff done on vacation. πŸ™‚

The cruise was a success!


Last night on the sunset “cruise” we saw many whales. I really wanted one to jump up right next to us… but you can’t be greedy I guess! πŸ™‚ It was pretty amazing.

Lazy whales this morning.


No jumping…


just whales splashing their tales about.


We are going on a sunset “cruise” tonight… assuming the flood warnings don’t materialize we might see some really close up. πŸ™‚

Energetic whale


This whale jumped so many times that I was able to catch him on my phone! I wish I had my other camera… maybe tomorrow. I have never seen so many breaching whales, in fact I’d never seen one before this week and so far I think I’ve seen like five! Sunday I was calling them all lazy because no one was jumping and now they are jumpin’ left and right! Yeah for energetic whales. πŸ™‚