Beads are up!

Okay, again I’m a little late over here on my blog… I just get all the beads listed and lately I have things to do, people to see, places to go… okay, not really, I just got sucked into playing with my camera! 😀 What do you think of the white background? I finally figured out how to use a white background and still have nice color for the beads AND (this is the important part) it didn’t take forever to make it happen. 🙂 We’ll see if it sticks… Oh yeah… my beads are found at

Here is another photo… just in case you don’t get my newsletter

Snow sprinkles…

Today we had about five minutes of snow which all melted immediately. Maybe some of it might stick for Christmas! Wouldn’t that be fabulous?! We still don’t have our tree up… I really am thinking of waiting until the 23rd or so. My kids have been so mellow without the constant reminder that Mr. Claus is coming soon. Not to mention the fun we are having watching my youngest fawn over Pepper our new guinea pig. She packs her all over the house, combs her hair, and tells her the cutest stories. Just to bore you to tears maybe I’ll make a video of her in action… heehee… Although I want to make some more glass videos first! I am keeping busy making lots of beadies, I want to experiment with more silversmithing over the next few weeks so stay tuned, maybe I’ll have some cool new creations to share. Anyway, off to get the girlies. Hope you are able to enjoy some holiday cheer.

I love this yard.

My neighbor has a yard full of little rock sculptures that I just love! I wish my yard were fully of happy faces too. 😀 (Okay, maybe the faces don’t all look super happy, but that is how I would imagine them… heehee…)

Melting with a smile?!

Really… when will the heat go away? They say tomorrow… we can only hope!! I’m still staying away from my computer if possible. Don’t want it to start melting too! 😀 Happily I have pizza and AC in my future! Hope you are staying cool!!

Happy dance for me!

I am sooooo happy! We fixed my controller and neither of us got electrocuted! Woohoo! Nothing like not having to buy a boring expensive tool (even if it is OH SO important!) to make you happy. 😀

Happy Easter!

Hope you have a wonderful day with those close to you and that you don’t eat too much candy! Heehee…

Happy Flowers

I was just having fun trying to come up with some interesting flower designs yesterday… heehee! Of course I had to try some smiley faced petals. Can anyone really have too many smiley faced beads?! 😀 I don’t think so! Anyway, I’m plugging away on flowers for next week… Any color ideas or requests? Just drop me an email!

Over caffeinated?!

I think I might be over caffeinated! Yikes! Today the kick just doesn’t seem to be there, I’m kinda tired and not doing such a great job focusing. Oh well… Maybe just one more cup and I’ll be better… heehee… just kidding. 😀

Flower Howdy!

I just love flowers! What can I say… 🙂 Not to mention now I have the sniffles… of course… so I need bright and cheery flowers to perk me up. Heehee… I am also making some bright and cheery glass flowers here for next Tuesday. I dug out some of my Vetrofond pink and I am lovin’ it!! It surprises me a bit that after all this time I still love making pink beads, it is just such a yummy color. I have to admit that I have tried to slow down my buying of pink beads. ( Let’s just not go there!) But happily enough I still love making them! Anyway, I hope you are having a GREAT Thursday.