Oh yeah… Halloween.

They both did a great job putting together their costumes. I did very little… for some reason this year I just couldn’t get into Halloween, although I guess I did get into the eating candy part! 🙂

Halloween treats already!


My youngest has been busy making Halloween treats (and a mess in the kitchen) for all her friends. Each bag has the cookies, homemade carmels, and rice krispy treats. Yum!


Spooky nails


I tried to be creative and use some of the cute hand painted designs I’ve seen over on Pinterest but yowza… the hand painting is hard and time consuming! I need to be festive in a flash. 😉 Not to mention at this rate I’m only going to wear the polish for two days! I moved on after the third try and used my handy dandy stamping plates. Spooky skeletins work just fine for me.

The neighbors put big spiders on the side of their house so I had to do something! 😉

Early Pumpkins

Look at us… first week of October and we already have our first pumpkins carved. Yes, first… we are being ambitious this year, hoping to do it at least once more before Halloween.


The big bar

“Did you go to the house with the big candy bars?”
“Oh yeah, we went there!”
It was the talk of the town last night… and everyone was out! I didn’t believe it. I assumed by “big bar” they meant a full sized candy bar… but clearly I was wrong. There was a house handing out these monster candy bars on a silver tray no less… this delighted ALL of the kids!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! My oldest drew this Hello Kitty Halloween image for me… oh about a month ago. When they started getting revved up for Halloween. Finally it has arrived… the anticipation is a little out of control at my house! Holy smokes! Not to mention Dude is traveling leaving me all alone to absorb the excitement.

But they are pretty darn cute aren’t they?! Just one more night… oh then of course days of eating too much candy… but maybe we’ve already been doing that… Darn you Costco and your big bag of candy!

Candy crafts

This craft was supposed to be for Tuesday when there is no school… but of course she couldn’t wait… nor could they wait to eat it all! Oh well… what’s a little extra candy at Halloween right?!


On Halloween they sorted their candy so that they could have the “count” for school… and then they weighed it. Hmmm… My oldest does say that sometimes her friends tell her that she over-thinks things. Although that might be true, I’m of course personally a fan over over-thinking since I’m sure my friends might also agree that I do the same. But maybe I’m just giving this all too much thought. Ha! 😀