New do

Feathers anyone?

My awesome hair stylist works so quickly that her comb is a blur! Look at her go. 😀 She hooked us up with some feathers, yes, I got some too… really I’m a 12 year old at heart!

Crazy hair day at camp.

Of course we went all out. I told them to look fierce because the smiling wasn’t working… too early in the morning I guess. Ha! I think we succeeded with the crazy part. 😀

And we are off…

A quick highlight and we are off… 🙂 What can I say, my girls see my crazy hair and they want to get in on the fun, I figure a few blonde streaks never hurt anyone. Wish me luck in the car for five hours…

Oh yeah… I hope to have beads next week… we’ll have to see how this trip goes!

Crazy Hair Day!

Woohoo! My kind of school day! My oldest was pretty funny, she had all these elaborate ideas about what she was going to do with her hair last night, but this morning she decided a few pink stripes was good enough, didn’t want to get TOO crazy… heehee. Of course I was happy to go as crazy as she wanted, I’m all about the crazy hair!! 😀 (No my hair is not pink anymore… but don’t you think it is a good color for me?! Ha!)